The BEST product I've come across
is made from Hemp
and it's called 'The Blend'

this video explains why 'The Blend' is unique

   Full Spectrum Hemp

   8 Additional Drivers

   Organic Hemp Seed Carrier Oil


   60 Added  Terpenes

   Dose = 5 Drops (Micro-dose)

Here's What You're Getting When You are Using The Blend CBD...

  • Full Spectrum Hemp

    ‘The Blend’ is a Full Spectrum product which contains all cannabinoids and terpenes fond naturally in the hemp plant.
    Full Spectrum products are proven to be more effective than isolate (which contains only one component, does not include the other cannabinoids and terpenes and lacks the ‘entourage effect’.
    ‘The Blend’ contains CBD, CBDA, CBN, CBC and CBCA

  • 60 Terpenes

    Terpenes are fragrant volatile compounds that act as the plant’s natural immune system, protecting it from bacteria, natural predators and environmental stresses.
    They help your body much the same way!
    Terpenes play a large role in CBD’s medicinal and therapeutic effectiveness.
    They enhance the effectiveness of CBD by reducing inflammation and calming the central nervous system.
    Terpenes assist in bringing the body to homeostasis
    The powerful healing ‘Entourage Effect’ happens when a cannabis/hemp product contains a combination of ALL compounds that are naturally present in the plant.
    ‘The Blend’ contains over 60 added terpenes!

  • Nano Enhanced

    ‘The Blend’ is nano emulsified to break down CBDn molecules into very small and stable particle sizes. When taken sublingually (under the tongue), nano particles are rapidly absorbed by your cells and utilized by the body.
    This results in an effective dose that is up to 5x more effective than other brands.

  • 8 Additional Drivers

    ‘The Blend’ is enhanced with ‘drivers’ to help incase the bioavailability and metabolism of the CBD, assisting the body to absorb and utilize CBD within the endocannabinoid system, maximizing your CBD experience! ‘The Blend’ contains the following beneficial drivers:

    – natural anti-inflammatory
    – potent antioxidant
    – helps calm anxiety
    – relieves pain
    – improves memory retention and alertness
    – asthma bronchodilator
    – reduces inflammation
    – lowers risk of heart disease

    – powerful benefits for your body and brain

    – relieves nausea
    – improves brain function
    – relieves pain
    – improves cardiovascular system
    – lowers cholesterol and blood pressure
    – anti-fungal
    – anti-bacterial

    Black Seed Oil
    – boosts the immune system

    – suppresses appetite
    – relieves pain
    – reduces inflammation
    – fights infections
    – anti-bacterial properties

    – powerful antioxidant
    – reduces pain and inflammation
    – regulates blood sugar
    – balances hormones
    – reduces cholesterol
    – promotes calmness
    – reduces risk of heart disease
    – anti-bacterial, anti-fungal
    – helps alleviate insomnia

    Gingko Biloba
    – reduces inflammation,

    – enhances memory, cognitive and mental function
    – increases circulation
    – improves heart health
    – reduces anxiety and stress
    – protective effect on the brain
    – positive effect on mood
    – powerful antioxidant

    – alleviates headaches, indigestion, cramps

    – reduces symptoms of nausea
    – improves memory
    – enhances mood and energy
    – appetite suppressant
    – controls blood sugar
    – improves circulation

    – powerful and potent antioxidant
    – reduces inflammation
    – benefit brain function
    – could improve erectile dysfunction
    – increases energy
    – restores well-being
    – appetite suppressant
    – manages blood sugar

    – boosts the immune system

    – anti-aging
    – reduces stress
    – known to increase white blood cell count
    – promotes heart health
    – helps break down arterial plaque
    – encourages balanced cholesterol levels
    – encourages normal blood sugar levels
    – supports normal kidney function
    – helps detox and protect the liver

There are several Cannabinoids found naturally
in the Cannabis plant.

Every strain contains a different combination of Cannabinoids, making every CBD different.

The predominant Cannabinoids found in
'The Blend' are
(see above wheel)

Lynn was diagnosed with Degenerative Arthritis. She has been taking CBD for years to control her pain without the need for pharmaceuticals.

Here is Lynn's experience after her hip replacement surgery..

I am so glad Debbie introduced me to CBD, I started taking both CBD drops and the topical about 4 months ago and I have never felt better. Having formally been a professional football player in the CFL for 13 years and starting to feel the effects of all those hits, these products work better on my pain than anything I have tried, I am finally able to sleep through the night and wake up pain-free.

Rob H, former CFL player

Recently my husband said to me, "I haven't seen you laugh in 5 years". the difference is me being off my anti-anxiety and depression medications. I now feel. I feel joy, sadness and everything in between. It's such a pleasure to be able to cry when I know I should be. Whether it be for happy events or sad ones, I am choosing joy and it's because of CBD. I feel human again instead of feeling like a zombie.

Susan K

I was a former professional hockey player before my transition into firefighting. I was forced to leave the game I loved due to concessions and neck injuries that accumulated over the course of my career. Even after countless hours of rehab (3-4 days/week) I could not seem to escape the chronic pain and concussion symptoms I was experiencing daily. When I met Debbie and was introduced to CBD everything changed. Within days after taking CBD and the topical I can honestly say I am pain free. I truly cannot describe the feeling that overcame me when I first noticed the pain was not radiating down my neck, my symptoms of nausea had dissipated, anxiety/depression was reduced tenfold, ultimately I got my old self back... my energy levels, focus, physical state and mental well being were restored. It is 'magic' in a bottle I tell people, I cannot preach enough how much this CBD has changed my life in all assets... it's truly remarkable. Thank you for sincerely impacting my life in such a healthy and natural fashion.

Josh C, former professional Hockey Player

For a number of years I've dealt with back pain due to 3 compressed vertebrates, a broken knee, torn meniscus surgery and Mortons's Neuroma (pinched nerve) in both feet. So far it's been only a week taking 1/3 dropper CBD per day and my knee pain is gone, back pain is diminishing and still trying to trigger the neuroma in my feet. Before it was so painful just to get up in the morning and go down stairs, now I've actually got a jump in my step!! There's no medication that I've found these kinds of results so quickly. Since Debbie's suggestion of CBD oil my quality of life has changed in one week.

Ken S

Dosing 'The Blend'

Dosing will be different for each brand, this short video explains dosing for 'The Blend' CBD

  • The Blend required MUCH less than other brands
  • Micro-dose suggested (1 dose = 3-5 drops)
  • Smaller doses/day better than one larger dose

How will 'THE BLEND' impact your life?

Reduced Pain and Inflammation

Less Anxiety

Better Quality Sleep

Improved Mood and Well-Being

Increased Focus and Clarity

Hormone and Menopause Support

Boost of Energy

Improved Digestion

Cardiovascular Support

Immune System Support

Improve Bone Health

Blood Sugar Control

Learn the basics of CBD, what CBD is and how it works

  • We all have an Endocannabinoid System
  • Cannabinoids are naturally produced in our bodies (they are in breastmilk)
  • We can get Cannabinoids from within or from plants (cannabis)

CBD 101

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